Rotary Club of Fremantle

I have worked with Sharon over a long period on a number of Rotary Club projects to assist the less fortunate in our Community.
One specific project The Rotary Club of Fremantle Business Network Group has been meeting for three years operated by Sharon & I to organise a Monthly meeting with young business persons in the District.In return for mentoring the group through professional mentors the group must participate in Rotary projects as volunteers or providing material for distribution.

It has required a lot of work on Sharon’s part in the Monthly issue of invitations, accepting attendance messages and meeting regularly to discuss meeting content.

I have found Sharon to be reliable, willing to assist where required ,making time to attend regular meetings and acts in a most professional manner.

I have appreciated her input and guidance in ensuring the success of the project.

I may be contacted to elaborate on the above if required.

Yours Faithfully
George Booth
Travel Consultant
Rotary Club of Fremantle
Mobile: 0419942754